Proton Beam Therapy

We see ourselves as specialists in the manufacture of precision instruments in the field of proton beam therapy (PBT). We have years of experience in the production of energy coupling, beam detectors and beam generation/control. Our parts are field-proven and in daily use in numerous PT rooms worldwide. In addition to proton beam therapy applications, we support companies worldwide in flash therapy development and research.

Our detectors are based on gold-coated polyimide foils with a gold layer thickness of up to 1 µm. The polyimide film has the advantage that it remains resistant to radiation. The gold coating also prevents oxidation. These approaches make our beam detectors durable, low-maintenance and unique in the market.

We individually address the specific requirements of our customers, therefore our products are custom-made.

Beam detector

  • Detection area/sensitive area: up to 450mm x 550mm
  • Electrode distance down to 1 mm
  • High voltage: up to 600 V/mm
  • Strip geometry: strip width min 0.8mm, periodicity: 1.0mm
  • Sensitive gas: air or gas connection for any gases
  • Orientation: any, beam direction is used for orientation during installation
  • Dimensions: individual according to customer requirements
  • sealed with pressure equalization