Supply Chain Management

In our fields of work, new technologies emerge daily, combined with changing regulations and permanent adaptations of processes to their specific environment. Therefore, we offer consulting beyond the technical area. Our offer includes:

  • Design and layout of microsystems
  • Evaluation of processes, sequences and system technology
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Selection of manufacturing sites
  • Advising investors on entering microsystems technology companies (technical side of due diligence)
  • Legal framework and approval requirements (medical devices)


In addition to full service, we also offer individual services, such as pure development and consulting projects. Especially in the area of consulting, our partners can benefit from our technical and scientific competences, our innovative strength as well as our extensive market knowledge.

Development & Sample Production

Our field of activity is characterized by constant change:

  • Changing markets
  • New techniques and methods
  • Changing regulations and requirements

In order to find our way in this environment, permanent innovations as well as constant further development of our employees' knowledge are essential. Only in this way can our customers and we be successful.

For this reason, our focus is on development. We strive to identify potentials for innovative products and to implement them with new technologies. In this way, starting points can be found for optimizing processes and developing future-oriented solutions.

In doing so, we draw on an extensive technology pool and can ensure both planning reliability and full cost control. This makes our projects economically attractive.

Our services include the optimization of processes and operations with the help of microsystems technology. We want to demonstrate the advantages and possibilities of this technology and make it usable for as many companies as possible right now.

Production & Transfer

Once the optimum microsystem for the specific requirement has been developed, the next step is to turn it into a marketable product and find suitable production facilities and processes. The development of cost-effective manufacturing processes that simultaneously enable individualized products is one of the major challenges facing microsystems technology.

We take on this task for you.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we select the appropriate production facility and process. We either produce ourselves at our cooperation partners in Bremen, Bonn or at a selected production site (foundry service) that offers the best production conditions for the respective product. With our partner network we are able to offer flexible production possibilities. Thus we have production on 4", 6" and 8" wafers for small and medium as well as for large series.

NBT arranges FABs worldwide, especially in Asia and the USA. We organize the entire manufacturing process. Thereby we ensure by suitable control mechanisms (mostly a direct production supervision on site) that all processes are installed faultless and run smoothly. If any problems arise, we are able to intervene quickly and offer suitable solutions. In this way, we ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible.