Management of NB Technologies GmbH

Founders and managing directors of NBT are Dr. Dietmar Lütke Notarp and Mike Becker.

Dr. Dietmar Lütke Notarp has many years of experience in the communications industry and medical technology. His areas of expertise are in microsystems technology, microelectronics, packaging and interconnection technology, surface technology, injection molding, metalworking and medical device packaging. After studying electrical engineering and earning his doctorate at the University of Bremen, he headed the research and development department of a medical technology company for four years. The focus of his work was the analysis and implementation of new technologies for the production of a "retina implant" for the restoration of vision in certain eye diseases.

Dipl.-Ing. Mike Becker is an expert in manufacturing technologies of microelectronics and microsystems engineering, especially in electrochemical deposition and polymer processes. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Bremen, he supervised the technology areas of photolithography and microelectroplating as a research associate and was project manager of various publicly funded projects and bilateral industrial projects on medical implants, microswitches for telecommunication applications and biomedical fluidics applications. He also consulted for several years to a medical device company in the field of neuroimplant development and manufacturing.