thermally actuated switch array* (click for video)
thermally actuated switch array* (click for video)

The field of telecommunications has developed to be a classic application area for products containing microsystem technology components, some examples being network technology (switches) and cell phones (microphones and antennas).

Over several years, NBT developed process technology for a MEMS switch according to customer’s specification. The relay matrix configuration, was the core of a programmable distribution system to establish and release flexibly and from remote wired connections for telephone and data transfer, e.g. needed in central offices.

NBT supported the customer to transfer the manufacturing technology of the switch and to choose another two production facilities in Asia. NBT was further committed to support on site the ramp up of the production capacity for several thousand wafers out per month (WOPM).

The manufacturing technology involved several steps of electroplating for two-level wiring, wafer through via, eutectic bonding using gold and indium (hermetic and under inert gas) and the MEMS switch itself.

Beside of generating fundamental IP on the technology in the field of micro relays, NBT was granted a patent on a MEMS switch embodiment.


*with kind authorization of Simpler Networks, Inc. 

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