Project Realisation

On the one hand, the field of microsystem engineering offers an enormous potential for the future and manifold application opportunities, on the other hand the complexity of the technologies, components and procedures implemented requires more efforts to keep a comprehensive overview. Companies applying microsystem technology for solving their tasks all have very differing scopes and key competences. Accordingly, the procedures and services are manifold, where it becomes difficult to compare or classify these companies. Which company is most efficient, what company is best fit for for my specific requirements? What are the core competences, what is the main focus of a company?

We will give you an overview of NB Technologies' mode of operation and illustrate what specific tasks our company is able to perform for you. Basically, the approach of managing the project stays the same, whether we are dealing with a complete product development from idea to production and quality assurance, or whether we are 'just' offering our consultancy services in evaluating a fabrication site.

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