Production transfer

Ensuring smooth production

After developing a microsystem optimally fit for the specified requirement, the system has to be transformed into a marketable product, for which suitable fabrication sites (fabs) and procedures need to be identified. One of the greatest challenges microsystem technology faces is developing cost-efficient fabrication procedures, at the same time allowing for individualised products. NB Technologies will face these challenges for you.

Focussing on the requirement of our customer, we identify the suitable fab and procedure. Here, we have the option of either performing the manufacturing process ourselves, using the facilities offered by our cooperation partners in Bremen or Bonn (Germany) or by using a foundry service, chosen specifically for the best manufacturing conditions for that particular product. Our partner network enables us to offer you flexible manufacturing options. Production of 4", 6" and 8" wafer, both for small and for medium size ventures as well as for large series is possible.

NB Technologies identifies fabs worldwide (focussing mainly on Asia and the United States) and organises the complete manufacturing process. By applying suitable control mechanisms (usually supervising the processes on site), we are able to ensure that all processes are flawlessly installed and run smoothl

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