Product development in microsystem technology

Design a microsystem presents a very complex task, as a multitude of components and their interaction have to be taken into account. To be able to assess these complex coherences and their effects in an early stage, NB Technologies applies microsystem specific designing methods.

A descripition of the requirements and characteristics of the product to be realised is essential for the successful construction of the system and should be as detailed as possible. They allow for the development of a sensible concept, which can then serve as a basis for the actual development- and construction process and all consecutive steps. During this phase, NB Technologies works in close cooperation with its customers, to reach a product functionality complying exactly to the customer's individual wishes.

Processes or products, optimally adjusted to the field of application, are developed by NB Technologies, thereby using the concept which was elaborated in the design phase. To reach a high level of design eligibility as well as keep cost as low as possible, appropriate tools and methods for the development of single components and the design of the overall microsystem are necessary. By cooperating with several renowned research institutes and enterprises, the necessary resources as well as an extensive technology portfolio are at our disposal.

Phases and elements of product development:

Phase of customer request / offer:

  • Customer request
  • Confidentiality Agreement (if required in this phase)
  • Requirements / Customer discussion

Contractual phase:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Specifications
  • Quotation
  • Contractual agreement

Development phase:

  • Incoming qualification of goods
  • Generation of studyplan(s)
  • Development work
  • Reporting and final documentation
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