Process Development

Microsystem technology: technology of the future

Microsystem technology offers the potential to revolutionise the world of miniaturisation. Using micro devices, numerous functions can be performed in a better and cheaper way. Innovative products incorporating microsystem technology devices will shap mould the future and simplify our life. Although established in various fields, the technology is just at the beginning and the opportunities provided by this technology are far away from extensively explored or practised. The more it seems important to enter this miniaturised world, to evaluate single processes and discover potentials for leading-edge products. Thus you can find starting points for the optimisation of process procedures and the development of trend-setting solutions.

NBT aims to identify the benefits and possibilities of microsystem technology and make this technology available and useful to as many companies as possible now. For this reason, our main focus is on research and development. Renowned institutes, for example in Bremen and Bonn offer the necessary infrastructure, to enable us to incorporate our own know-how in technology and process control. The technological emphasis of our current activities lies on electroplating and polymer technology.

Among others, our services range from procedure and cycle optimisation by implementing microsystem technology. We analyse your processes and examine them for possibilities for improvement, propose solutions using microsystem technology procedures and realise the requirements of our customers. Thus, we optimised electro plating processes for solar industry companies. This implies: the more detailed the requirements are expressed by our customers, the better the endresult will turn out to be.

Phases and elements of process development:

Phase of customer request / offer:

  • Customer request
  • Confidentiality Agreement (if required in this phase)
  • Requirements / Customer discussion

Contractual phase:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Specifications
  • Quotation
  • Contractual agreement

Development phase:

  • Individuel depending on target
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