Identification of fittest supplier

You are content with your supplier, but you are looking for an additional vendor, also able to meet your demands regarding quality, reliability and pricing? Or do you wish to change to another supplier? You want to choose the fittest supplier on first shot and in shortest time? You want to choose a supplier without the need to transfer valuable and confidential information to numerous third parties?

Due to our cooperation in international networks we can contribute from a versatile worldwide overview a unique choice of microfabrication techniques, chemical and materials or tooling in shortest time. We check the equipment and performance of suppliers and evaluate the qualification for your task. Though starting from experience of previous studies, in any case we evaluate the qualification according to your requirements by having the supplier processing samples according to your specifications. Thus, we can compare and judge single products and procedures. At the end, we will publish a recommendation, who could be the supplier of your choice and how your requirements are best met. A similar procedure takes place for e.g. choosing the best chemicals supplier for electro plating.

Our customers' advantage: if desired, the evaluation of, in particular, competing suppliers, can be pursued anonymously, i.e. without mentioning our customer's name or application, and without having to pass on classified information to numerous third parties. The customer decides concerning the time and extent of the contact with the suppliers.

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