Evaluation of foundry services/fabrication sites

Different to conventional technologies, the manufacture of micro systems still constitutes a major challenge. Due to complex procedures, the production usually requires more resources and is cost-intensive. Therefore, cost-efficient manufacturing processes need to be identified or created, which at the same time still allow for custom-made solutions, in order to create marketable products. Consequently, the choice of a suitable fabrication site or foundry service is very important.

As is the case for suppliers of semiconductor technology and chemical, the comparison of fabrication sites and the services offered by them is difficult,  too. Equipment, facilities, manufacturing processes and technologies applied highly differ from site to site. This has triggered us to develop a questionnaire, which was sent to fabrication sites worldwide and targets to gather detailed information to exactly the criteria mentioned above. Meanwhile, we have feedback and evaluation of portfolio of about 50 renowned fabrications sites for semiconductor and microsystem technology, mainly located in Asia and the United States.

This information also enables us to find the appropriate fabrication site for your specific requirements. Based on our information, we can make a pre-selection of suitable fabrication sites. Potentially, there still might arise the need to send out a further, more detailed questionnaire, to reach optimal results. If desired, we organise and supervise the manufacture on-site and check for the accurate installation and smooth operation of all processes.

Phases and elements for evaluating fabrication sites

Phase of customer request / offer :

  • Customer request
  • Confidentiality Agreement (if required in this phase)
  • Requirements / customer discussion

Contract phase

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Quotation
  • Contractual agreement


  • Formulating a requirements catalogue or a facility specification
  • Preselection of fabrication sites
  • Transmission of a standardised questionnaire to several fabs
  • Evaluation of the completed questionnaires
  • Recommendation or ranking of fabrication sites, indicating several performance characteristics with detailed justification
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