Consultancy for investment companies looking into microsystem technology companies (technical aspects of the due diligence audit)


Are you interested in profiting from the business potential of microsystem technologies by investing in companies, which apply microsystem technologies or implement this technology in their products?

Microsystem technologies provide enormous economic prospects for the future. Current studies envision expansion rates of up to 20 per cent, the market volume for products containing microsystem technology components exceeded the 50 Billion US$ boundary a long time ago. Market researchers forecast that this positive development will continue. As a result, the number of companies specialising in this area will continue to rise. However, because of the complexity of microsystem technology, and due to the fact that analysts are not familiar with this technology, they are experiencing extreme difficulties assessing the particular expertise and innovation potential of a company. In order to ensure the reliability of your investment, NBT offers its expertise when evaluating a company's potential on a technical level, frequently involving the very crucial details, which lead to failure or success. In the field of medical devices, we also evaluate the status of the product maturity and the prospects of successful approval of production and designs in the course of medical certifications.

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