sunstence® uni
sunstence® uni
sunstence® uni
FIB-Cut, Ag double-printed
FIB-Cut, Ag double-printed

The sunstence® uni (universal) is a combination of a perforated steel foil and an emulsion or a capillary film. There is no topography due to mesh crossing, which enables longer service life of the emulsion compared to mesh screens.

The sunstence® uni sp (25µm/30µm foil thickness) is dedicated to single print applications with or without alignment accuracy requirements and shows superior thickness uniformity of printed Ag

The sunstence® uni dp (35µm/40µm foil thickness) is dedicated to silver double print applications.

The sunstence® uni is the first screen qualified in December 2009 by Applied Materials Baccini Cell Systems for double printing on the Baccini Esatto Technology™.
sunstence® uni qualification public release Jan 2010.pdf

Major benefits
- Alignment capability at high accuracy (not achievable with mesh screens)
- Advanced cell concepts in multi-print approach (e.g. selective emitter alignment)
- Image stability over high cycle number due to less or no screen degradation
- Life time >20.000 prints (uni, >90.000 prints reported for individual screens) and >50.000 (me)
- Fine line capability (30µm to 40µm depending on medium and application)
- Reduced printing force capability provides soft contact print and less breakage risk
- More uniform thickness of print (less wasted silver at same line resistance)
- Reduction in CoO (saves silver, more prints per screen, less change of screen, less wafer breakage)

- Ag paste seed for plating (2μm thick at 40μm width)
- Etching paste for nitride etching and direct plating concepts
- Resist (HF compatible) for etching and plating concepts (nitride protection)
- Ag paste double print for increase of line thickness
- Aligned printing, e.g. doping + metal paste, etching paste + resist, resist + Ag paste

Further information

Contact: sunstence (at) 

Technical datasheet: sunstence® uni TDS 2014.pdf

New generation screens using metal foil base material.pdf
Screen printing of plating seeds sunstence® uni or sunstence® me.pdf
Screen printing of resists compatible with hydrofluoric acid.pdf
Silver double print using sunstence® uni or sunstence® me.pdf

sunstence® is a registered trademark of Hans Frintrup GmbH.
Baccini Esatto Technology™ is a registered trademark of Applied Materials, Inc.

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