sunstence® me
sunstence® me
sunstence® me
printed silver seed
printed silver seed

As another member of the sunstence® family, sunstence® me may be considered a "second-phase" screen product succeeding the sunstence® uni.

The sunstence® me (metal etch) is a bi-level stencil, where the print image is etched directly into the metal sheet without any emulsion needed.

While sunstence® uni is more flexible for changing customer layouts, the sunstence® me brings more benefit in cost and performance. The cost benefit of about 25% compared to the sunstence® uni comes into play, when the setup cost for the tooling with customised layout amortises over high-volume production numbers. Thanks to the robustness and the lacking of degradation of the image, there can be achieved high cycle numbers such as 50.000 prints per screen.

Due to the profile of the openings, sunstence® me supports highly uniform printing, which helps to save silver, where it is not needed. This can be enhanced by specialised coatings, which facilitates the pass-through and release of the paste.

sunstence® me can be configured for high print thickness, single print or double print, as well as for thin printing of plating seeds. In general, the aplication fields are the same as for the sunstence® uni.

The latest achievement is the sunstence® me s, which is a single layer metal etch screen, which is combined in an advanced concept of double print (patent pending). 

The sunstence® uni and sunstence® me complement each other in customer applications depending on the customer application phase.

Major benefits (additional to sunstence® uni)

  • Alignment capability at high accuracy (same as for sunstence® uni)
  • Advanced cell concepts in multi-print approach
  • Image stability over high cycle number due to (nearly) no screen degradation
  • Life time >50.000 prints
  • Fine line capability (30μm to 40μm depending on medium and application)
  • Reduced risk for wafer beakage
  • less sensitive to wafer breakage (if it happens) and "spiky" substrates
  • More uniform thickness of print (less wasted silver at same line resistance)
  • Reduction in CoO (saves silver, more prints per screen, less change of screen, less wafer breakage)

Further information

New generation screens using metal foil base material.pdf
Screen printing of plating seeds sunstence® uni or sunstence® me.pdf
Screen printing of resists compatible with hydrofluoric acid.pdf
Silver double print using sunstence® uni or sunstence® me.pdf

sunstence® is a registered trademark of Hans Frintrup GmbH.

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