TensoStamp is a new type of stamp for imprint and embossing

TensoStamp uses a perforated metal foil as a carrier for the master
imprint pattern. The metal foil is attached to a flexible mesh and
suspended in a frame. One function of the perforation is to anchor the
master imprint material with the foil. As another advantage, the
perforation enables lithography techniques, such as Nano-Imprint
lithography (NIL).

Due to the flexibility and the suspension of the carrier the demoulding of the stamp from the imprinted
layer is facilitated, as the peeling-off involving favourable sheer forces automatically starts from the
edges of the imprint pattern area when the suspension frame is removed from the printed surface.

As the metal foil is not elongating during the imprint process, the TensoStamp is distortion-free, while
keeping the advantageous flexibility for the demoulding stage.

Simple application and low cost
TensoStamp can be applied for nanoimprint using basic lab tools. Based on established screen printing
tools, the lithography with UV-light can be easily upgraded, which makes nanoimprint technology
available at levels of complexity like screen printing.

Further information

imprinted dots
diameter 275nm
TensoStamp mounted in printing machine imprinted holes
diameter 550nm
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