suncup® - smart plating

customer installation

NBT’s suncup® is the key enabler for smart plating concepts in the field of solar cell metallization. The suncup works in a fountain type configuration with the process side face down. The wafers process is single-side without chuck, the backside keeps dry during wet process. Beside of plating, all wet processes can be performed without restrictions for or from the backside.

NBT offers suncup® lab versions for plating or etching processes like porous silicon formation. The lab tool version has a small foot print, fits into standard exhaust and is very suitable for engineering and process fine tuning.

Basic setup: suncup®, tank (25l), flow meter, pump & plumbing (easy drain/easy startup)

Accessories: direct heating system, HF concentration sensor, pH-Meter, backside contact (dry), light integration

suncup® applications
- Plating of solar cell metallization
  (front side/backside; plating on seed/directly on silicon)
- Silicon direct plating, e.g. in combination with porous silicon
silicide formation without emitter shorting
single cycle of dry/wet/dry (silicide after full stack plated)
- Plating on high ohmic emitters
- Wet chemical / electrochemical processes such as texturation, cleaning, anodisation, etching

suncup® main benefits
- single side/backside dry processing
- no need for backside protection -> high flexibility in chemical processing
- processing with up to 25% HF, e.g. porous silicon in the range of 5% to 25% HF
- modular tool setup (anode cassette, flow body, crown for different wafer sizes, contacting)
- change the wafer size and contacting configuration with snap & click (automated in production tool)
- capable of light enhanced processing
- excellent and uniform flow conditions
- electrical contacts easy to deplate or kept dry
- dry wafer handling, options for crack detection on the fly
- lean manufacturing and scalability for production tool


Further information
suncup® smart plating tool.pdf

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