Electroplating solutions

NBT has designed specialised electroplating solutions based on many years of engineering experience and application expertise for MEMS, semiconductor industries, PCBs and photovoltaic technologies.

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MEMS / Semiconductor
Product Application Features
NB Semiplate Au 100 TH Surface finishing
Bond pads
Very stable bath, sulfite based,
very uniform thickness,
shiny surface,
low temperature plating
NB Semiplate Cu 100 Conducting lines
Sacrificial layers
Sulfuric acid based,
shiny surface, uniform thickness,
low stress
NB Semiplate Sn 100 Soldering MSA based, good bonding
NB Semiplate Ni 100 Mechanical elements High purity bath and deposit,
medium temperature plating,
low stress,
controlled mechanical properties
Product Application Features
sun-Ag 100 Surface finish for bonding Cyanide-free Ag
sun-Tin 100 Surface finish for bonding Good uniformity and bonding
sun-Cu 100 Conducting lines High-speed process,
low stress
sun-Ni 100 Barrier layer good adhesion, low stress
sun-NiSi Porous Si etching and
Ni plating from one solution
low HF concentration
plates Ni in nm-pores
excellent adhesion
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