Product Overview

Screen printing
The sunstence® uni screen offers distortion-free and high-precision alignment over more than 25.000 printing runs for solar cell metallisation. In PCB applications, the emulsion combined with the perforated foil conforms to the substrate’s topography and prevents paste leakage out of the printing channel.

Plating and etching tool
NBT’s suncup® is a flexible wet chemical tool for lab use and the transfer to production. It can be configured for all kinds of electroplating and wet etching processes. Substrates are processed single-side with dry backside and without any chuck.

HF-resistant screen-printable paste
In cooperation with Marabu GmbH & Co. KG, NBT has developed a screen-printable resist, which is highly resistant to hydrofluoric acid (even in high concentrations) and various other aggressive media.

Plating chemicals
NBT’s portfolio comprises electrolytes for different metals like nickel, copper, tin, silver and gold, which are optimised for the photovoltaic industry or MEMS and PCB applications.

Chemicals for etching
The seed layer for electroplating processes has to be patterned accurately. For this purpose, NBT provides special etching solutions, which offer a minimized undercut and a wide spectrum of selectivity to numerous materials commonly used in the photovoltaic, MEMS and PCB production chain.

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