Innovative technologies for efficient solutions

NB Technologies uses a multitude of different micro techniques as components or tools for problem solving, mainly focussing on combining these technologies, the so-called system technologies. As user requirements become more and more specific, new technologies are continuously developed or already existing and modified technologies are integrated.

NB Technologies' technological focus lies on electro plating and polymer technology. Moreover, as we have at our disposal a well-structured international network of leading companies in the fields of facility management, system engineering, chemistry and production of microelectronics, micromechanics, microfluids and microoptics, NB Technologies is in a position to offer a wide range of technological services.


Excerp of our technology portfolio

  • electroplating of metals as a functional layer (e.g. Ni, NiFe, NiMn, PdNi, AuNi, Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Ir, Sn, SnCu, SnPb, In)
  • sputtering and metallisation (e.g. Au, Cu, Cr, Pt, Al, Ti, TiW, pPt, TiN, Si02)
  • PECVD/LPCVD/thermal oxidation
  • semiconductor and metal wet etching / physical etching
  • photolithography
    (thick resist, polyimide, BCB, SU8, AZ ...)
  • polymer technologies for example for flexible foils used in medical applications
  • injection molding and metal machining
  • wafer bonding
    (e.g. eutectic, anodic, glass frit)
  • packaging
  • sterile packaging (medical products)
  • functional testing/probing
  • analysis (TEM, REM, FIB, EDX, Auger, ...)
  • material characterisation 
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