Partner / Network

The rapid developments in microsystem engineering put high demands on companies striving to be successful within this discipline. Flexibility and swiftness thus become indispensable. New materials and production technologies are introduced frequently, while production procedures have to be standardised at a consistent level of quality assurance. These tasks can only be accomplished optimally within a cooperation network.

For this reason, we are currently cooperating worldwide with leading research and development sites and companies in the fields of facility management, plant construction, chemical engineering and the production of micro electronics, micro mechanics, micro fluidics and micro optics. This network ensures, that our individual projects can be realised on schedule and with a high quality standard, always applying the technology best fit for the respective task.

We are able to maintain an offer of a wide range of technological services, as by the multitude of partners various technologies and fabrication sites are provided and at hand. Thereby, our suppliers can guarantee the availability and constant high level of quality of the materials and chemicals used.

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