Know-how and extraordinary high motivation of the employees drive the success of this company. Our team consists of highly-qualified specialists, capable of realising custom-made and flexible solutions while operating in responsible position within their specific field of expertise. Drive and engine of our company are its owners and managing directors, Dr. Dietmar Lütke Notarp and Mike Becker.

Dr. Dietmar Lütke Notarp has longstanding experience in the fields of communication and medical engineering. His specific areas of expertise comprise microsystem technologies, micro electronics, packaging of integrated circuits, surface technology, die-casting, metal working and packaging of medicinal products. After studying electrical engineering and obtaining his Ph.D. at the University of Bremen, for four years he headed the research- and development department of a medical engineering company. Here, his main focus was the analysis and implementation of new technologies for manufacturing a 'retina implant' to enable persons suffering from specific eye afflications to regain their eyesight.

Mike Becker is expert in fabrication technologies of micro electronics and microsystem technologies, specifically in the field of electro-chemical deposition and polymer-processes. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Bremen, as a scientific coworker he was responsible for the supervision of the photolithography and microelectroplating departments and acted as project manager of several government-sponsored projects and bilateral industrial projects for medicinal implants, microswitches in telecommunication applications and biomedical fluidics applications. In addition, he has several years of experience in providing consultancy services for a medical engineering company, operative in the field of development and manufacturing of neuro implants.

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