Frintrup NB Special Screen Technology (Kunshan)

Frintrup NB Special Screen Technology (Kunshan) was founded as a joint venture of NB Technologies GmbH (NBT) and Hans Frintrup GmbH for the production of high-end screens (sunstence® family) for the Asian photovoltaic market (contact).

Brochure (pdf):Frintrup NB Special Screen Technology (Kunshan)

Beside manufacturing, the portfolio encloses consultation, training and additional service in the whole field of screen printing and metallisation of solar cells. NBT contributes to the new company its wide and multidisciplinary engineering expertise in the solar field. Beyond screen printing for example, NBT provides advanced metallization concepts, while Hans Frintrup GmbH has decades of individual and innovative screen manufacturing and printing experience in multiple industries.

Remarkable features of the sunstence® family screens are the use of innovative materials, excellent quality and highest precision.

The sunstence® uni screen (patents pending) is a combination of a perforated steel foil and an emulsion or a capillary film. It offers an outstanding life time as a well as a high image stability as it is required for aligned printing.

The sunstence® uni dp is dedicated to silver double print applications. It is the first screen that was qualified by Applied Materials Baccini Cell Systems in December 2009 for the Baccini Esatto Technology™ with an average life time of more than 20.000 prints. For several screens more than 50.000 up to 90.000 printing cycles are reported. An efficiency increase of at least 0.5% was shown.

The latest member of the sunstence® family is the sunstence® uni sp (25µm foil thickness) which aims at single printing. Because of its thin and precise printing results with excellent thickness uniformity, it is superior to wire mesh screens in applications like seed layer printing for platined metallizations. Regarding standardized single printing, a 90µm finger line width can be obtained (fired) at a uniformity range of 2µm with a thickness between 21µm and 23µm. For manufacturing purposes the line width is limited to about 50µm. The sunstence® uni sp is especially suitable for single printing on selective emitter, since for this again a precise and distortion-free alignment capability on already existing structures is important.

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